How to be baby smart: 5 ways to save money with your newborn child

Adding a baby to your family can be very pricey according to recent estimates.

But many of the products that new parents are encouraged to buy are not really necessary and end up being a waste of money. Everyone appears to be an expert these days, but how much is genuinely needed for your little loved one, and how much is marketing hype?

In addition, what works for a mother may not work for you, you think or are told that you need so much for your first child and that many items do not end up being used. ” said Cheree Stingwell of Christchurch.

In the effort to raise your baby perfectly, try these 5 tips to save money:

  1. Purchase as much used equipment as possible, such as rollaway beds and strollers. Trademe is a great resource for this.
  2. Sell ​​items once you have finished using them. You may be able to sell them at a price similar to their value in second hand. Again, Trademe can be a lifesend when it comes to clearing these old items. That and the Facebook market place.
  3. Look for gifts for clothes and even diapers. You can find them on the Facebook market or on, or Facebook buy now pages. You’ll be surprised how many things people giveaway to save them going to the landfill.
  4. Use a register when friends or family members want to buy gifts or hold a baby shower. This way, you will not end up doubling the items and you will receive the products you really need. Specify that you want a range of clothes for the first year so you do not end up with newborn outfits and nothing else.
  5. Rent capsules instead of buying them because babies grow so fast.

We hope that these little tips help you on your way to financial freedom. However, if you’re feeling comfortable financially then a loan top up could be ideal to help with all those new baby items. With interest rates being so low, now could be the perfect time to take advantage. Contact us here to find out more.